Size is everything (The Great Sandals Debate)


Size is Everything (The Great Sandals Debate)

6ft tall and size 8 feet. Waiting for summer so my trusty flip flops can come out again – pretty much a staple from March till November if I can can get away with it!

This has been my story for the past 30 something years, desperate to get out of winter boots and into the delicacies of summer (whilst always playing catch up with a much needed pedicure) only to realise that my size 8 feet don’t quite fit the bill as they aren’t petite or delicate and summer you will bring the beauty………

A few years ago Emily returned from her hollibobs with a beautiful pair of sandals, I had shoe envy, like all footwear they looked stunning in a size 5, I was apprehensive of the dream versus reality and how they would look on my feet but the sandals stayed with me and thankfully so did my beautiful friend.

I never lost sight of finding the ones, the sandals that made my feet look pretty.

Our travels take us through markets and boutiques and whilst exploring last year I found a pair of size 8 sandals that not only are exquisite but are incredibly comfortable AND they look amazing on any size……..Happiness.

So today we are proud owners of a new range of footwear, the above mentioned Sandals to be precise, Avarcas Sandals to be even more precise and to be really really exact Palmaira Sandals – in so many different hues & designs we can’t contain ourselves.

These beautiful, handcrafted Menorcan Sandals are the footwear of dreams. Perfect for any occasion, day or night.

So we’ve decided, since receiving these leather fineries, that its ok to love your sandals more than you love most people – Carrie Bradshaw says so.

Shoes. In our opinion the greatest love affair a woman has had.

Sandals. A sign of summer and another reason to lust over our first crush.




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