Design Journey

Two women in search of the perfect outfit, ordinary women just wanting the perfect vibe for an event. Ditching grown up for urban edge. Nikki & I knew what we wanted, both very different sizes & shapes but the look book was out (in our minds) & so the search began………. and the search ended quite quickly, the vast world of fashion retail had let us down. Garments we’d ordered were ill-fitting or not as advertised, too big, too long, too short………too disappointing.

So Design Journey was created. As our slogan we used ‘just a girl who decided to go for it’ – two girls & one idea. We believe that fashion, your choices are a constant journey to whatever the destination may be – beach, brunch, bar, festival, concert, chilling with the squad. Options should be endless & we want to provide them.

Early days began with graphic & slogan tees. We sold at markets across the UK & had an amazing response. After spending many hours studying collection after collection from fashion weeks, we refined our own collection, keeping our roots firmly where they should be, in fashion, but ready to grow. .