Chasing the summer…….


Since we launched the web page its been a rollercoaster ride of a summer…….

Our Journey took us to Italy, Le Marche to be exact. Two weeks in rural Italy for some down time & to fuel the creative fires. Italy is an attack on the senses. The countryside, the people, the culture, it’s an endless inspiration. There really isn’t anything the Italians don’t do well, maybe, if one was to pause for thought then ‘Fiat’ could be questioned, our Punto wasn’t exactly rock &┬ároll but then they are as a nation responsible for the Fiat 500, of which the original is iconic & of course the Fiat 126 which left us dreaming of being transported back to the early seventies, cliff top on the Amalfi coast, sipping Aperol spritz. And then we have Ferrari & Lamborghini, Limoncello & Prada, Romeo & Juliet…….the list is endless but one little fact we weren’t as knowledgable about was Italy’s vulnerability for Earthquakes.

After August 24th 2016 we were part of the ‘quake’ and understood just how devastating they could be. We were staying just 30km from the epicentre & to say the we felt it was an understatement. The initial tremors followed by the endless aftershocks (2,500 to be exact) left us feeling unnerved, frightened & upset. The aftermath for those in Amatrice was laid bare for the world to see. We were lucky, to have been together with the people we love when the earth literally moved – this was something irreplaceable. Perhaps it was supposed to be for us, but not for others. ┬áSomething tells me we shall love Italy forever.


ALWAYS spend time with people who make going to the supermarket an adventure…………………

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  1. Debs

    So totally totally there. Love your words and feelings for such an amazing time. Design Journey sure chased that summer and along with the earthquake made it so memorable , exciting and fun . Where to next ? ………..

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